Recycling Your PC

    What happens with your PC when you recycle it with Computer Qual IT, LLC?

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    A recycled computer maybe 'recommissioned' wholly or partially for use by low-income children or families with no other access to technology. Combining usable parts from otherwise unusable computers and installing open source software allows us to supply a computer at free or minimal cost to those in need. We set up the PC with all open source software for free which allows them to use as if it was a store bought PC.

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    Some computers are not worth saving, so they will be broken down to useable parts. Some of these parts will help revive old PC's with their donor parts that if bought new in todays market would cost too much to be worth the repair. These parts can go to a many different places, but all useable parts will be used.

  • Complete Recycle

    If the computer has no parts worth saving, such as everything within is broken or fried, the computer will be broken down and sent off to a different company for recycling where metals will be extracted from the boards and the metals will be melted down.

  • For our Community

    We are a local company and work with local non-profits and companies. Your recycled computer will go back into the local economy. No matter if its made complete or used as parts or completely broken down.

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