Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some of the most common questions that we get asked.

Q: What if you can't fix the problem?
A: Every computer problem is fixable. Some problems can be very difficult to discover because they're intermittent or very specific, but once they're discovered and reproduced we will find the cause and figure out a fix.

Q: Is my data safe with you?
A: We do everything we can to keep your data safe when we service your PC. When your computer comes in our shop before we start work, we run an in-house backup of the entire drive just in case something goes wrong. If we service at your home or business, we will back up most common folders and any requested before we start working on your PC. We do offer complete backup services that can keep your system backed up always as well.

Q: What is your hourly rate for repairs and upgrades?
Our general hourly rate is $70. Our hourly rate does not include parts.

Q: Do you sell computer components?
Yes we do! We stock many of the most common parts that are likely to go bad. We also order and install all the parts needed for a repair. We do not require you to go out and buy any parts, that's our job. Some less common parts need to be ordered, and in that case we use either next day shipping, or pick up the part the same day if we can. We work hard to make sure we have the parts available to you as soon as possible.

Q: Do you build or supply computers?
Yes we do! For a flat rate of $70 plus parts. This price includes taking your requirements for a computer, and making a few quotes (normally 3 or more quotes) to show the difference in price in economy vs performance. We don't try to sell you more than you need.

Q: Do you offer an express service or equivalent?
Yes we do! We can offer immediate service for a nominal fee. Our services can be made available 24/7.

Q: Do you repair laptops?
Yes we do! We not only replace the commonly broken parts such as batteries, screens, and power jacks, we also replace things like cases, keyboards, ram, hard drives, CPUs, cards, etc. With our suppliers we can replace just about anything on your laptop.

Q: How long will a repair take?
Most of our repairs are done same day. However, when special parts are needed to be ordered, this can delay the repair. If we take the PC back to our work bench we require at least 24 to do the service and return it to you. We do everything we can to speed the service along.

Q: Do I have to call you to check on the status or my repair?
You do not, we offer an online LIVE tracking system that you can see the work being done every step of the way. We also can call, email, or text when the repair is done per your preferences.

Q: Do you offer no fix no fee?
We only offer a no fix no fee on our Remote services (Virtual Visit). If we cannot fix the problem remotely, we will schedule a time for us to pick up the PC or stop by for an in home visit.

Q: Are you the cheapest locally?
In a world of avarages, we are on the cheaper side, and most of our prices will beat the big box stores. There are however some people who post ads (sometimes we call these part time IT guys "Pizza Techs") that offer services for extremely cheap prices. Many of these super cheap techies are not certified, registered, OR Insured and only have had a little practice with their own equipment. We urge you not to use them, if you have already used them and are now looking for someone to fix what they may have broke, we are here to help. Another way we keep many of our prices low because we don't have a store front. We are a mobile IT company with a homebase work bench.

Q: Do you price match against other technicians or companies?
We do not. We have our prices at the minimum we can. This is mainly due to the cheap ad IT guys or "pizza techs" that offer prices that are not sustainable by a legitimate company.