• I don't know whats wrong with my PC or What I need!!!

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    Not sure what's wrong with your PC? That's ok, we're here to help. And better yet - no high pressure sales! We will NOT try to talk you into something you don't need. Give us a call, send us an email, or click on the chat bar in the bottom right of every page.

Services - Hardware

  • Custom Computer Building

    You provide us with the specifications and/or requirements, or the price area you would like to be at. We will come up with a few packages that we think will suit you.

    Ask about a Custom PCAsk about a Custom PC
  • Repair / Upgrade

    We give you options with our quote that can be done to repair or upgrade your PC.

    Ask about repair/upgradeask about repair/upgrade
  • Dead / Broken Screen

    Laptop size / brand / model, will all be a factor in price for parts. Rest assured, we can bring your laptop back to life.

  • Laptop Power Jack Replacement

    We will replace your power jack by soldering a new one onto your motherboard.

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  • Physical Cleaning

    First level, we wipe down exterior. Remove any gummy residue left behind from stickers removed. We will remove as much dust as we can from the fans and heat sink without opening the case. For laptops we also clean the screen and blow/vacuum keyboard. Second Level, we open up the case using our special tools as to not damage anything, we remove dust/dirt from different components. Third Level we go about removing heat sink and fan from the CPU, for more in depth cleaning of each. This is the best way to remove any type of grime or tar or other sticky residue. We then add NEW high thermal conductive thermal grease to CPU, reseat the heat sink and lube fan (if applicable).

Services - Software

  • New PC Cleanup and Set up

    We remove all the things that come pre-installed on your new PC, called "Bloatware". We get it up and running, install all current updates, and install up to 5 programs. Additional install options are available.

  • Virus / Malware / Spyware Removal

    We will remove malware / virus / spyware that can be slowing up your system, causing it to crash, or even sending personal data to an unknown source.

  • PC Tune-Up + Cleaning

    We will be offering different levels of tune-ups and cleaning.

  • Password Removal

    We can clear the password on your PC if you have forgotten it.

  • OS Reinstall + Drivers

    Known as the "Nuke and Pave"! We will format, reinstall your OS, then update with all drivers. Also will install all current updates as well as install up to 5 programs of your choice. Additional programs maybe installed at a nominal fee.

Services - Network and Internet

  • New network setup

    We will install and set up your home network. No matter if you require wired, wireless, or a combination, we have the skills to get you up and running. We can recommend hardware, make sure all your printers and computers are communicating, and get you secure!

  • E-Mail set up

    We can set your email up with your favorite email client.

  • No Monthly Fee VoIP Home Phone

    Thats right, after you buy the hardware, you only have to keep paying your internet bill and get free (US only for free, international for cheap) phone calls from your home. This is still in testing phase, however, if you would like to become a tester for the area, we can get you started with a discounted rate on hardware, install and setup! (911 Calls will work with this service)

    Become a TesterBecome a Tester

Services - Data

  • Data Recovery

    We may be able to recover data. We successfully have recovered data due to accidental deletion, virus infested, non bootable, and failing hard drives. We CANNOT recover data due to dead drives or physical damage. We will go over pricing options after our diagnosis if we can not recover in house.

  • Hard Drive Data Removal

    We will fully wipe a hard drive using a 3 pass cleaner. This is an excellent choice if you plan to keep the hard drive for use later, such as a sale or reuse. You don't have to take a hit on your sale because it comes without a hard drive. Feel protected when it goes into someone else's hands.

  • Hard Drive Physical Destruction

    After a full wipe of data using our 3 pass cleaner, the hard drive will be physically destructed. Our method of destruction is by punch. We do offer recycling or can return to you.

  • Data Backup

    Backing up your data is very important! This is a very quick process for you. When you drop your computer off, or we pick it up, you simply fill out a form and we do all the hard work from there. Your data will be safe on either a second hard drive, DVD/CD, off-site storage, or our soon coming In house data storage server!


Services - Other

  • Extra Travel Rate

    First 30 minutes included with service. We charge by ¼ hour for travel after the first 30 minutes. We do not charge our normal hourly rate, rather a discounted "Travel Rate". And sorry, we will not speed or break any laws to try and reduce drive time.

  • Computer Recycling

    Recycling available for computers and monitors. Click "Read More" to see how our Computer Recycling program works and how it will help out local communities.

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